Shinybees - The Knitting, Comedy and Yarn Podcast : Episode 59: Self Stripe Madness - An Interview with Michelle Berry of Berry Colourful Yarnings

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Because you know it's all about the stripes, 'bout the stripes...

This week I am pleased to welcome Michelle Berry of Berry Colorful Yarnings onto the podcast to talk about all things self-striping. Based in New Mexico in the United States, Michelle is a indie dyer who specialises in wider self striping yarns. Longer colour changes give options for patterns beyond the usual socks (although they do knit into wonderful socks too!) and sets her yarns apart from the majority of self striping yarns on the market. She often themes here colourways around films or books, with the latest collaboration with Lara Smoot - the Potterful Kits - are an homage to a certain boy wizard. She was a featured dyer in the Spring 2015 instalment of The Golden Skein Yarn Club.

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