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The podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Hosted by UK knitter Jo Milmine, there's also a regular Sock Surgery co-hosted with Clare Devine and Kate Read. Business minded? Enjoy the interviews with industry entrepreneurs for top tips and inspiration on making it in the yarn industry. Finally - enjoy the finest fringe knitting pattern picks that Ravelry has to offer.

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This week Gemma Dudley of The Little Grey Girl joins us ahead of her first ever show at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Purveyor of stylish, handmade bags and notions, The Little Grey Girl is the perfect place to find a beautiful receptacle for your knitting.

Gemma opened The Little Grey Girl in October 2015 and runs it as a side-business from her main day job. A creative at heart. TLGG allows Gemma to explore this and escape from the office environment she inhabits during the day.

A huge lover of hand dyed yarns and the colour grey, you'll find her at

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Nic Rudd, dyer behind Yarns From the Plain and voice of the popular podcast of the same name is our guest this week on the show.

Based on the Cheshire Plain in north-west England, Nic began her career as an industrial chemist working in the nuclear industry, before moving into what could be considered an equally hazardous environment as a primary school teacher. Having been curious about dyeing for some time, she began to sell her excess stock at local guild meetings, before taking the leap into it as a business, alongside studying for an HNC at Bradford.

A fan of all things British, her yarns are no exception and you can find some interesting blends amongst the Stanley range, which is available in 5 weights.

She has lots of tips for making business work that she freely shares, along with her unbridled passion for Microsoft Excel.

Listeners can get a juicy 15% discount in the Yarns From The Plain shop with the code SHINY15.

You can find Nic and links to all her social media, as well as the blog and podcast at

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I'm delighted this week to have Helen join us on the show to tell us about her journey into dyeing. I've admired her work for a long time (and asked her to collaborate with The Golden Skein twice as a result) and always enjoy the way she tells the stories of the yarns she creates and the way she's inspired to do so.

Helen is based in Assynt in the Scottish Highlands and finds endless inspiration in her surroundings and the traditions in the area. She grew up in Southern Africa before moving to the UK in her late teens and has always been surrounded by making and crafting. She began Ripplescrafts after she and her husband, Stevan, moved to live in the Highlands full time from the Scottish Borders.

You can find her at

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This week has news, reviews and the potential theft of a bottle of IPA. Yes, it's still a knitting podcast, but we do enjoy a real ale on a regular basis.

First up you can now join me on Anchor and Snapchat as @Shinybees. Prep is ongoing for the #RewindKAL - you can join in over on Ravelry in the Shinybees Podcast group. I also reveal my word for the year. I've never done this before but I feel it's in the spirit of the word to do so. I'd love to hear yours!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival is taking place 17-20 March 2016. I will be offering a session in the Podcast Lounge on how to build a content calendar for your blog or podcast on the Friday afternoon and an informal Q&A on anything business or podcasting related on Saturday afternoon after the Podcaster Meetup, which will be taking place 12.30-2 both days. For those that come, I'll be offering a free power hour consultation to one lucky draw winner.

If you can't make it, never fear: I'm going to repeat the sessions via webinar in the two weeks after EYF. TI'll also make the replays from these available for download. To sign up for these (completely free!) go to

Enablers' Corner warns you at going to and looking at the clubs (closing 1 Mar) and The Rt Honourable Ronaldsay is highly likely to result in a stash based indiscretion. You probably won't escape without buying the lovelies and these yarns are rebels which refuse to be tamed!

To wrap up, I have a first look at Blacker Yarns Tamar.

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Music from Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need a Drink'. Pass that IPA...

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Who knew that Craig David him-very-self would inspire an episode of a knitting podcast? Well, it's happened as this week I pay homage to his ability to not age one bit in a decade and still have perfect eyebrows and corkscrew curls.

Shoutouts to Trish, Jeny and Betsy and join in with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern giveaway over in the Ravelry group, where there are still plenty of folks looking to gift patterns.

The podcast Patron virtual knit night takes place on Thursday 18th Feb 2016 at 2000GMT. To join in, become a patron at $5 or above. Details at

Project bags are now available in the Swagporium at £4+P&P

February events include Unravel at Farnham Maltings in Surrey. I will not be attending.

Enablers' Corner sends you to a fab tutorial by Clare Devine for the German Twisted Cast On. there will be plenty more where that came from, so be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to get all the goods!

Rewind KAL is the name of our next KAL starting on 13th March. If you have ever knitted a pattern in a KAL (or otherwise) and wished you could go back and re-live the experience, this is the KAL for you. Likewise if you'd always wished you'd taken part in a KAL when you didn't, and regretted it, come and knit the pattern now! I will be knitting another Lush Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in Berry Colourful Yarnings Sparkle DK.

Hashtag for the KAL is #rewindkal and there will be a virtual knit night for all those who are taking part.

Finally, there's a review of Take Heart: A Transatlantic Knitting Journey by Fiona Alice.

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It's Zoolander-aplenty this episode as I come rip-roaring (sort-of) back from having the flu. Zoolander 2 is out on 12th February and Zoolander is one of my favourite films of all time. I a bit love Ben Stiller. Imagine my surprise, then, that there are indeed no patterns on Ravelry for anything Zoolander themed. Not one. Not even a cheeky little amigurumi Hansel...

So, don't kill the president of Micronesia. Just chill out a bit more. Relax, Derek!

In Enabler's Corner, courtesy of Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade and Paula of Knitting Pipeline, I enable you to the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern. Let's get the Sox Therapist and her kids together for a big reunion. Breast cancer ain't fun. I am offering to gift a pattern to the first ten people that reply to the thread in the group on Ravelry.

There are a pair of Edinburgh Yarn Festival tickets up for grabs in a giveaway on the Ravelry group. I'll be attending and taking part in the Podcast Lounge again. You can find all the details at

Wippin' Piccaddilly has Owligan by Kate Davies, Voodoo by Boo Knits and a pair of afterthought heel socks in yarn from The Golden Skein. Future knits are pretty much any hat by Clare Devine (Tea Collection) and Frisson by Brittany Wilson, available from Ravelry.

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Glasgow-based knitwear designer and purveyor of super-cute stitch markers, Amanda B Collins, is our guest on the podcast today. Amanda has been designing for a few years, producing patterns for the UK knitting press, including Knit Now Magazine and Pom Pom Quarterly. She has also released her own designs in self published collections as well as a series of shawls inspired by Glasgow. Spoiler: 'Bru' is a favourite of mine.

A doctor by day, she designs in the evenings, when she's not playing Wacky Races in her yellow Fiat 500. We discuss all manner of things, along with the usual questions you'd expect in the interview section. Be warned, there is some deviation down quite funny rabbit holes.

Interview starts at 2:30.

You can find Amanda on Twitter as @owlprintpanda and she blogs at

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Time to own up to my knitting goals for 2016 after the chat last week about goal setting. I'm planning to knit 4 garments - Owligan by Kate Daves, Mallorn by Ann Kingstone, Lush by Tin Can Knits (again! x 2 perhaps!) and Raindrops, also by Tin Can Knits. If you're fretting about stash or just have ambitions of making it feel under control, or indeed you just want to start the year off by loving what you have, check out Curious Handmade's Stash Appreciation Month. 

Join our virtual knit night by becoming a patron of the podcast at

In Enabler's Corner, I direct you to listen to episode 34 of this podcast with Kate Davies. Kate Davies Designs has just been announced as a finalist in the UK Microbusiness of the Year Awards. Amazing stuff. Being a knitting business does not mean it isn't a 'proper' business and Kate has some great words of advice for those looking to start out in the industry, as well as some stellar banter about rhino bums.

The Beadalong has come to a close and I draw your attention to some wonderful projects that have come out of the KAL/CAL. Stay tuned for the next group fun.

Finally I introduce to you the dyers for the Winter quarter of The Golden Skein's Power of 3 yarn club. Go and check out Samantha of Scrumptious Purl in Canada, Helen of Ripplescrafts in the Scottish Highlands and Ana of Toil & Trouble in Salem, Mass. There are no spares available but you can find out more and join the club at Signups close 26th January.

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Got knitting goals for 2016? Lots of wild plans? Let me help you get super focused with my five top tips for knitty goal setting.

For not the first time on the podcast, we talk about David Bowie's package and Labyrinth. Join us on the first Shinybees Virtual Knit Night by becoming a patron of the podcast over at Patreon.

In Enabler's Corner, it's about KALs again with the Nature's Shades KAL at KnitBritish and the Vintage KAL at The Golden Skein.

Then we have a lot of chat about goal setting. Lots of people hate goal setting. Goal setting for knitting can help you achieve your ambitions this year, done well. I have put together 5 tips for setting goals so you make progress without being overwhelmed.

In the review section, Woolly Wormhead's 'Painted Woolly Toppers' takes centre stage. It's written for hand painted yarns and comprises of ten patterns for hats. It's a great looking book with lovely styling and very interesting construction on the knitting front.

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Welcome to the first show of 2016! This week it's all about planning your knitting calendar when it comes to attending shows. What are the top tips for survival? I'll share mine with you today!

Podcast news, there's more detail on both the podcast Patreon and the Shinybees Swagporium. Also, check out my interview with Kathryn Bryant on the Podcast Divas show.

Enablers' Corner features Katya Frankel's new mini-collection, Flatland: Adventures in Geometry.

There's a giveaway of Ann Kingstone's Lace Knits.

In a new segment, I give you the yarn events for this month - Waltham Abbey Wool show on 17th March. In order to prepare you fully for this year's yarny festivities I've also included my top tips for surviving a yarn show.

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