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Dec 2, 2012

Hello and welcome to Episode 6 of the Shinybees podcast. This week, we have another pattern pick in honour of Movember. This is followed by an interview with South African indie dyer, Carlé, of Nurturing Fibres. There are also details of the December podcaster hangout, which will take place on 8 December 2012 at 1900 GMT.

Nov 8, 2012

This week we have a return to some old favourites. First of all we have a run-down of recent happenings in Limpopo, followed by a reattack on Episode 3 - The C Word. Random musings feature the theme 'FEAR' and in Wippin' Piccadilly, I share a very special recent project. A trip to Stellenbosch to taste wine is our...

Oct 7, 2012

This week we have a close encounter of the rhinoceroidal kind. There is a podcast news update and we are joined by Justus for the South Africa section to make some Malva Pudding before we wrap up. You will definitely need a cup of tea to wash that down! Pull up a chair and enjoy.

Sep 9, 2012

This week we take a trip to the Kruger National Park in search of the 'Big 5'. For those unable to spot the Big 5, we have the Shinybees Big 5 for your perusement! There is the return of the Wippin' Piccadilly section and we hear why Google is not always your friend, especially in Afrikaans.

Show notes, as always, can...

Aug 23, 2012

This week we take a turn around Kwa-Zulu Natal and visit Durban and Swaziland. There is food in the form of the Bunny Chow, weddings in the snow and a trip to Ngwenya Glass. There is the usual on and off the needles section in Wippin' Piccadilly and the South Africa section is spread across the whole episode....