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Sep 13, 2018

It's a chatty and fun episode today with the enigmatic Leona Jayne Page of Rusty Ferret/Fluph. Voted back onto the show as a guest for the second time, Leona tells us about how she moved from yarn shop owner into hand dyer.

Rusty Ferret was, when we last met Leona, in the closet as a 'local dyer'. Well, the worst kept secret in knitting was uncovered and Leona was revealed as the dyer behind Rusty Ferret. Rusty is a steampunk gentleman and Leona draws upon all kinds of things for inspiration.

We cover a number of topics in this episode including commercial yarns, DPNs vs magic loop and the economics of Primark clothing. Ever fancied getting into Art School? Leona has the scoop on that.

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Music for this episode is used with kind permission of Adam and the Walter Boys, with 'I Need a Drink', available via iTunes.