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Jan 15, 2019

Got yarn show plans for 2019? Are you a show veteran? or have you never been to a show? Somewhere in between?

In this episode I share some top tips for getting the most out of attending yarn shows, including where to find which ones are happening. Looking at why you want to attend (social, shopping, work or a mixture) can help you to narrow down the wide range of options available these days and ensure you get the best experience.

On the shopping side, it's worth saving up if possible, so you have a kitty of money to spend at the show. This can help with planning and budgeting. Some people collect £2 coins all year for instance. Make a list of what you want to make, and consult the stash to see where the gaps are. Once you know what the requirements are, make a list of what you need to get in terms of yardages and weights. This will mean you don't need to find wifi to look it up at a busy show stand and can have the information easily to hand.

Having a priority route planned out can help with avoiding distractions. Check out the guide online in advance of the event so you know where you need to go and in what order.

On the social side, definitely make sure you have made firm plans with anyone you definitely want to see. If you say you will 'see them there' there is every chance you won't because it is busy and full of yarn fumes. Fit in coffee breaks with catch ups and save money by getting a group airbnb if staying over. If your budget is a little bigger, you might decide to travel to a show in Europe and stay only for the day or just one night as an alternative to staying at a longer UK show, so you get a different experience.

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Music for this episode by Adam and the Walter Boys with 'I Need a Drink' with kind permission.