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Dec 11, 2018

Christmas Jumper Day is 14th December and in today's episode, I'm running through your different options when it comes to embracing this staple of the festive season.

Prompted by a social media post from @fash_rev about the Brits' obsession with the Christmas Jumper. Did you know that we will spend in excess of £220 MILLION on Christmas Jumpers this year?

A quarter of which will end up in the bin?

Charity shops are saying they are overflowing with Christmas jumpers. So, for our first option for acquiring a festive sweater is to go to your local charity shop and get your jumper from them. That way, charity wins twice!

The next option is to consider an onshore supplier for your Christmas jumper. Kate Hills of the Make It British podcast interviewed Bhavik Master, who runs a family knitwear factory in Leicester. They manufacture Christmas jumpers here in the UK. They are acrylic, but at least they are local and they have a good range of designs, including some that are on the nordic end of the festive spectrum. My favourites of these are the Classic Fair Isle and the Penguin Fair Isle design. You can find these at and you can hear the full story at

Your gold plated solution, is, of course, to knit your own jumper that you can wear for the next 30 years, just like Uncle Robert. I've a selection of my favourite 6 knitting and 1 crochet patterns to share with you.

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